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​Charm Bracelets:

The expandable bangle bracelets & charm rings are made with high quality stainless steel, which is resistant to tarnish & chipping, and won't fade. 
Charms are made from a variety of metals, please see product descriptions in Amazon & Etsy. Charms are attached with stainless steel split rings so you won't lose your charms! 

Bracelets are available in 3 styles (traditional, braided, rope) and 2 sizes. Bracelets will 'relax' to adjust to your wrist size. 
Regular measures approx 59-61mm which fits small to average sized wrists (this is equivalent to a 7 1/4" - 7 1/2" bracelet that fits most wrists) 
Large measures approx 64-66mm which fits average to large sized wrists (this is equivalent to a 8 1/4 - 8 1/2" bracelet that fits most larger wrists) 


Charm Bracelets
Bangle Charm Bracelets

Expandable stainless steel bangle bracelets with a variety of charms.